Saturday, December 29, 2007

Because the writers are still striking

For the last year or so I've been reading this blog religiously (no pun intended) as well as several blogs of those who post replies, then was sent one from a friend I've known since 4th grade Girl Scouts, which I was immediately hooked on as well as the blogs of those who post replies. I can't help myself.

Tis the season for holiday newsletters. I love them. All of them. My favorite in recent history was from someone I don't know terribly well but love seeing when we cross paths -- he talked about how both he and his partner had become "officially fat" and revealed how much Law & Order they had watched in the past year. I love the ones from girls I remember drinking wine coolers out of 2-liters with as teenagers while hiding from the local sheriff who are now running MOPS groups. I love the one from a former co-worker who is expecting her 4th(!) child at the ripe old age of 30.

Everyone I know seems so interesting, and busy.

I've tried to keep a journal off and on over the years, with my most consistent effort being the better part of my first year of graduate school in Nashville, when it seemed like I'd have enough interesting experiences to make it worth the effort. I don't know where the journal is now, but I'm guessing it would read like a tourist brouchure for Music City USA -- "Sept. 10, 1996 --went to breakfast at Pancake Pantry, thought about checking out Music Row but went to the park near the fake Parthenon to study instead". Snooze.

So, given that Project Runway will only last so long, I'm going to give the whole blogging thing a try. I don't think I'm particularly interesting and I don't think I'm going to try to be, so know that if you read no further I won't be hurt. I'm going to tell the stories of my days when they are actually stories, and some days I'll probably wax maudlin, but know that I do it with the hope of knowing these stories better. From my blog-lurking to date, it's clear that some write as a spiritual discipline, some as a way to stay in touch with friends and family both close by and far away, and some write because they need to. I just kinda want to. I'm a blogger. I blog.

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Deirdre said...

How funny! Love the links--I'll try to be constructive with my feedback.