Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A reason to celebrate

There are some very troubling things in the world right now. An obvious statement, I know, but it's weighing a little on my heart after a long weekend that was filled with news of just how bad some things are.

More information is coming about from Illinois about the mental health of the shooter.

In an area close enough to be considered the same community as the area where my 2nd clinical site is located in Maryland, lives were forever changed by a 20 year-old guy driving home from a go-go practice at 3 a.m. who unwittingly plowed into a herd of people standing in the middle of the highway watching a drag race. I've heard the driver is barely speaking despite being uninjured, I've heard reports from eye witnesses who described it as "war" with body parts littering the highway.

The very cool bodies exhibit is potentially made up of executed political prisoners.

The public believes everyone on Oceanic 815 to be dead (okay, I know this is TV but it's still upsetting to me).

2 Octobers ago, I found out my husband's close friend had died suddenly (we were in the grocery store -- we kept shopping, for some unknown reason, both of us streaming with tears) and that my only sister was pregnant with her only child, all on the same day. The grief was by no means lessened by the miraculousness of the good news, but the idea of everything being circular wasn't lost on me.

So even as all of the local calamities bleed into worry over the national and global strife, and I am thrilled that people I love dearly are having birthdays this week. Our finest presidents (at least that's what I hear), a good friend who is anxiously awaiting her own miraculous news, and my mom. It is such a gift to have time that is simple and idle and pure in its attention with anyone, and I am so thankful for every moment that has been spent and for any that will be spent. If you've ever for a moment thought that you weren't important, I can safely say that who ever you are, you are more so than you could ever imagine. Thank you for having birthdays. Please have more.

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CLEA Dockins said...

Hey Brooke-

Found your blog and have enjoyed reading every minute of it. Your thoughts are spot on and provoking at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Dockins