Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sloth or something like it

Tonight's Lenten study was on the deadly sin of sloth, led off by a video clip of Jack Black at the beginning of School of Rock (where JB swears his contribution to society is freeing people through his music, so that's why he can't pay the rent). The take away message was sloth doesn't just equal laziness or inertia, but sort of the opposite of discipline -- people in the DC area are very, very busy and not just lazing on the sofa but maybe aren't living to their "spiritual potential". Good point. The whole conversation made me think about how I prioritize my time, which definitely leaves something to be desired.

I haven't posted in almost a week, so here's what I've been doing, which has kept me from it, at least in my own mind:

Getting over the flu

Prepping a lecture as the Grand Rounds during this conference
(including fun video editing)

Watching enhanced episodes of Lost (everyone's name means something, you know)

Knitting, then unraveling, then knitting, then unraveling a new project

Reading a fun new book

Wondering if I should start over on a new career path (it's been a tough week on the ego)

Planning a summer trip to Lake Winnepesaukah (vacation home of Dr. Leo Marvin) after having seen this amazing movie

Sloth-ful? Definitely. But sometimes I think it's okay to lick some wounds, rest a stuffy head, and start over again.

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