Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take that, Ms. Yummy

The first time I hit a golf ball over water on the first try, in the rain, I said "I golf. I'm a golfer."

On my first blog post, I said "I blog. I'm a blogger."

Friday night, I tried to knit and immediately banged it all up. I didn't even get half-way through the first row when I realized I had done something that was past the point of un-knitting. I promised in an earlier post that I'd schlep down to the yarn store for professional help if I goofed up again, but I wanted to try taking it off of the needles to see if I could make it work. That's a scary thing to do -- your project becomes just a tiny series of precious loops with nothing to hold them in place. I put the whole thing away and pretended it was fixing itself for several days. I looked at it longingly over the rest of the weekend, but worked the crossword instead. But tonight was the night, and I FIXED IT! It was dicey, but it worked. Yes, I know I didn't save the world, or even do anything that's a big deal to anyone, but to me it was a victory.

I'm a knitter. I knit.

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