Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, that's over

Today was a long day, capping off a long couple of weeks of preparation. The workshop sponsored by my department went off well, despite my best efforts to sabotage it by trying to pick up the presenter at a hotel where he wasn't registered (who knew there were 2 Marriott hotels in Crystal City, one across the highway from the other? There's no better way to introduce yourself to someone than saying "I'm SO sorry for being 25 minutes late").

Fortunately, our presenter was forgiving and totally amazing-- funny, smart, an incredible mimic of different types of speech disorders (we nerds love that kind of thing), and perfectly nice. The workshop was well attended. The Grand Rounds presentation I did with a colleague went smoothly and was well received (and no hard questions!).

It was a very good day.

But the best part by far is the fact that it's over, and I'm in my jammies with earrings out, make-up washed off, hair pulled back, and petting my cat. There's nothing I HAVE to do tomorrow. It's warm enough to have the windows open and it's just starting to rain -- perfect sleeping weather. Life is sweet.

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