Friday, April 11, 2008

An offering from an Aries

Mid April is becoming notorious for weird weeks -- Oklahoma City, Waco, Columbine, and now Virginia tech were all in early to mid April. I was hoping that the recent raid on the polygamist ranch in Texas would scratch the cosmic itch for things that shock and horrify, but I feel like, sadly, nothing would surprise me. There just seems to be something in the air, other than pollen.

So in an effort to appease the forces that be, I offer my own week of oddity, some of which has shocked, but most of which made me love my life, though it may be hard to tell which is which:

Two resignations at work, one medical leave, one good friend going part-time, someone sent out a private document on email to the whole staff that held highly confidential info about another co-worker, and a strong candidate for hiring took a job elsewhere. But my boss picked up the tab at happy hour.

I seem to have spring fever -- the weather is warm (at least for a few days), energy is back after several weeks of feeling gross, but I have a 10 page, 5,000 word paper that was due to today to a publisher that my colleague and I simply chose not to get done on time 'cause we can't make ourselves work on it. It's not hard, just a write up of a case study we've already presented, but I think it's the due date associated with it that makes it so noxious.

My husband put in a letter of resignation for his job today, even though there is no clearly identified safety net. He made a brave decision to make a radical change because it was time to do so, with great faith that things will work out. I have faith in him, so I believe that they will too.

While doing some birthday boy shopping for my nephew at Target, I realized that I was walking through the store with everything I was carrying either giggling and shaking or singing and flashing lights.

I saw a woman on New York Avenue wearing a safety reflector vest over a dress and a big floppy day-with-the-polo-ponies hat, while pushing all her worldly possessions in a shopping cart.

Poor, poor Michael Johns and his "we're all living a dream, how cool is that" attitude that got him booted from American Idol, even though my fave David Cook pulled the cheesy move of writing on his hand.

My new hospice lady (who is actually an old hospice lady who really needs it now) selected a story for me to read to her that was the tale of a woman who kills a man after he actively participated in a mob lynching in 1898. I was trying to do quick translations of antiquated, non-PC vocabulary online while keeping enough of the details to have the story make sense.

There was an email that went out at work regarding where to park next week when the Pope is the next block over.

There you go, fates. Enough already.

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CLEA Dockins said...

Hiya Brooke- Love reading your blog. I keeps me feeling connected to my old life of teaching with some of your wonderful client stories. Good luck with the hubby and the new job. Faith is the key!