Friday, August 29, 2008

East Side to the West Side

Wednesday night, Mr. Ramirez (and the rest of the Dodgers) came here.

Some of us were very happy to see him, even if he should really be here.

More of us were not.

He didn't do much in the first several innings.

He strolled into the outfield, looked a little bit bored, and even answered the guy who heckled him.

In the Nats tradition of the 4th inning President's race, Teddy, who NEVER wins (he often gets distracted -- I think that's why I love him), came out with a huge head start over Abe and George. He was rocking the blue skull cap and dreds. It was amazing.

Halfway through the race, he just stopped. The announcer said, "You know, it just looks like he doesn't want to be here". When Teddy turned and walked back the way he came instead of towards the finish line, the announcer said, "Well, that's just Teddy being Teddy." I almost choked on my half-smoke.

ManRam didn't do much in the 5th. Or the 6th. Or the 7th. Then in the 8th he hit a rope to the leftfield bleachers. I was seat number 16.

I spent the 9th glad that this imprint wasn't imbedded in my hand. Or my forehead.

I heart Manny.

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