Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Dreams

I really like the summer Olympics -- the sports are a little weirder than some of the winter games, the athletes look more athletic (probably because they're barely dressed), and there seem to be more events that are related to just how amazing the human body can be versus how well someone can use a piece of equipment. These, so far, have been really fun to watch.

Michael Phelps winning his 2nd gold medal was the last thing I watched last night before heading to bed. I slept like a rock after a really busy day, and somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd firing of my snooze alarm my subconscious combined two of my favorite things to give me an Olympic dream of my own.

I was in a swim meet, of course. Tim Gunn, of "make it work" and now "holla at your boy" fame, was the announcer. I forget why, but I got side tracked on my way to my heat, but Tim being the gem of a guy that he is told me not to worry, I could just swim in the next one. So I took my place at my lane marker at the edge of the lake (!) where the meet was being held, and thought "just get out quickly". I noticed that no one else was lining up, that it was just me. "Okay, I can do this", I thought. "Just me against me. No pressure". The gun fires (or Gunn, I'm not sure) and off I go, immediately diving over my lane marker into the neighboring lane. "Damn, there goes the race", I thought.

The dream ended abruptly there, as I had another one of those many moments in my life when I'm glad no one was looking. I'm 100% sure I woke myself because I actually started doing the freestyle stroke with my right arm.

The picture is from a website for the Total Immersion swimming program,http://www.totalimmersion.co.uk/01Workshops_and_Camps--Freestyle_Workshops.html. The caption says, and I'm not kidding, "Swim better than you ever dreamed possible."

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