Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Blogger

It's been two weeks since my last confession... I mean blog post. Eh, same thing.

I have frankly been wallowing in my own junk and embracing it, with a deadline of February 2nd to turn myself around. I am fine, healthy, sheltered, fed, but have been l-a-z-y and have chosen to spend any non-work time in a state of general malaise. I'm ready to get over myself.

Here's what I've been up to, though, such as it is:

Movies: Milk, The Wrestler, Grand Torino, The Reader, Frost/Nixon. Dinner club Friday night is a tribute to the Oscars -- every dish is to be associated with/inspired by one of the nominees. I'm thinking hot chocolate with Ghiradelli chocolate (and booze) as an after-dinner drink for Milk. Oh, I also caught some Al Pacinos -- Righteous Kill and Scarface. Meh.

Knitting: the basic baby blanket for M. is creeping along.

Obamamania: after deciding not to rent out my digs for the week of hoo-ha that was teh inauguration, I spent January 20th with my friends all wearing housepants and slippers having brunch and watching the festivities -- all toasty warm.

Class prep: I'm not whining, I swear, but it's hard to pull a class together from scratch. I don't know what I'm doing, so I end up re-writing the text book in slide format, then edit like nuts and end up on tangents. It's a fun process, I'm really enjoying it, but will probably enjoy it more should I be fortunate enough to do it again and have one under my belt to figure out what was really worth discussing/playing with and what wasn't. Oh, I've been so lazy that it took me a solid 10 days to wash the penis off my car.

Walking a fine friendship line: K's baby is here and gorgeous, but he hasn't taken well to feeding and K. has struggled with the "you-must-breastfeed-your-baby-or-raise-a-moron" propaganda. She also feels overwhelmed and really, really tired which makes her overwhelmed and really, really tired. She is trying to be calm and cool but it's not working, though it is markedly better since her decision to go with formula. I want to be the friend to her that she's been to me in my recent mess, and I'm trying to be both available but unobtrusive, even though I know that what she really needs is for someone to plant themselves on her couch with her son while she goes to take a long shower and nap, even though she'd never say she needs it.

Lost: 'nough said.

My period of sloth is winding down, and I'm ready to get back into life. Hopefully more interesting things to follow...

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