Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remember Me?

I've been working with a beautiful young girl who had everything going for her - enrolled in a prestigious university, a world traveler as a teenager, talented in a million ways - until she got sick and everything changed. She has bravely fought her way back and recently was in a situation where she was trying to talk herself into doing something that would have been easy for her pre-injury but very scary for her post-injury. She needed to take a risk and had almost decided not to do it when she said to herself, "Remember who you are".

When she told me that I got teary, and not just because I was in the exact same situation a week before and I chickened out. This is such a fundamental truth - we were designed to be brave, beautiful, happy people, and when we're not behaving that way we are not bad people, we have simply forgotten who we are. We deserve happiness and though miserable things may happen the person we were created to be is still in there.

I'm ready to remember who I am.

The art is from the beautiful, lonely work of Edward Hopper.

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