Friday, February 5, 2010

See You Monday

So it may be snowing 30 inches between now and this time tomorrow with 35 mph winds. This is how the DC area has responded:

1. Area schools closed today, even though it really didn't snowy until much later in the afternoon.

2. What I have affectionately called the Russian Safeway grocery store for it's long lines and empty shelves for years (vs. the Not-So-Safeway) lived up to it's moniker - at 9:30 last night there was literally no meat in the store other than bacon, sausage, and a sad lonely package of bratwurst. This was after a local store, which has 350 shopping carts, had lines of people just waiting to get carts.

3. 2 of my colleagues who apparently won the unlucky lottery were told to pack a bag and stay the night at the hospital to be sure that they were there to do speech therapy tomorrow - because that's so stinking critical.

4. I watched the DC news anchors sit and read Tweets about whether or not the roads were slick. Seriously.

I'm kind of loving it though - this is snow like I've never seen and apparently we're still 2 hours away from the "heavy snow". I have stuff for pancakes in the morning, 2 knitting projects, a mission to see as many Oscar nominees as possible (Inglorious Basterds is already knocked off the list), and Lost to catch up on. Oh, and Wuthering Heights (still). If the power stays on - life will be cozy and sweet. If it doesn't, the kitty and I will still be just fine.

The pictures are at 3:30pm and 7:30 pm from outside my apartment window. More to follow.

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