Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Law and Order

So today was the first meeting with the lawyer.

A few years ago when I thought I might buy a house (ha), I signed up for a benefit for legal services through work. They pointed me to a firm, the only one that handles uncontested divorce, so I took a deep breath and set an appointment. I googled the attorney and found very little other than his bio on the firm website (but deduced that I may feel like I could be the guy's mother). I didn't sleep that well last night, wondered what I should wear, agonized over what I thought the guy would make of my paltry finances. I was over an hour early so that I wouldn't be late and enjoyed a tour of Fairfax.

He was 15 minutes late - no biggie. He winked a few times - no biggie. He made reference to the fact that it "sucked" for him that I was using a subscriber plan - kind of a biggie. But, he answered questions and explained the process in detail. He said he would draw up our agreement not this week, and probably not next week because of his "queue" (said with a wink), and once that's done and signed we're looking at about a 2 month time frame. If I had questions I could email him ('cause he has an iPhone - wink). 15 minutes later I was out the door.

So there's that done.

I am constantly learning through this process - every new experience teaches me something about how to be a better me, and today I learned a little bit about how important it is to make a good first impression as a professional when you have someone trusting that you will help them. That's really a huge responsibility.

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