Monday, January 14, 2008

Lost for 48 hours

I started watching Lost Friday evening around 8. I was up until 3. I spent the rest of the weekend cramming in another episode whenever I wasn't committed to be somewhere else or when the football game seemed to be locked up. Sunday night at midnight, I was through the 1st season and 5 episodes into the 2nd season -- my abject sloth is embarrassing but I had to find out what was in that hatch.

Where is Walt? Do they really have to keep pushing that button every 108 minutes? Will Charlie get back into the drugs that he found at the plane crash site that killed Boone? What is up with Mr. Locke?!? I have questions. I need answers. I have a feeling I am out of luck.

Do you think "curious" is a good reason to call out of work?

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