Friday, January 11, 2008


Today was the first day in a long time I've taken a day off just because I wanted to. I have to work on Saturday every 5 -6 weeks, and get a comp day when that happens. Today was my comp day for the Saturday after Christmas. It's been great.

I slept a little late, took a bath, read for awhile, saw a great movie, had a cheesesteak, went to Target when no one else was there, put away Christmas decorations, thought about cleaning some things, and went through my knitting stash to start a project to use up odd leftover balls of yarn (a Fibonocci sequence scarf). I caught up on the season finale of Dexter. I hope to start on the Lost DVDs that some friends encouraged I watch.

I've had a hard time not thinking about some things that I need to do at work. But Monday will come and the work will still be there. Between then and now, though, I'm going to continue to enjoy the fact that the little things can be luxurious.

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