Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Because life at a hospital always has room to get weirder, we've put together an SLP team for the 3rd annual fall bocce tournament in the garden. This is the biggest and best of the 3 so far, with an awesome handmade trophy and money in the actual hospital budget for 2 new sets of balls and specifically designed pallinos. The maintenance crew mows out a court in the open lawn. It's a trip.

The team name was tough. We're up against the Mari-bocce band, the Money Changers (a team from accounting, of course), and the Dictators (people who, um, dictate), and a couple of others. My vote was for either Speech Pathobocce (say it out loud, it's fun) or Ed Boch, but was outvoted in favor of The Uvulas (a hanging ball, sort of bocce related plus has the crude creepy factor we like so bad) -- we're trying to think of an appropriate adjective (Fighting? Swinging?). We even have our own motto -- Uvulas! F*#@ yeah!. Classy classy classy women we are.

Our first outing we played ourselves as our opponents were too scared to show -- the highlight of the outing was one of our team members making it work in heels and pearls. Our second match up was a looooong point-at-a-time battle royale with the Bocce-cellis. I know I have a competitive streak, but I was seriously getting bothered by the thought of losing to a team who literally has never won a game in the previous two seasons. Uvulas prevailed, f*#@ yeah.

Tomorrow we're up against the Money Changers -- another undefeated team. Someone must fall.

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