Friday, September 12, 2008

A Perfect Storm

Dinner Club is at my place tomorrow night.

This equals a perfect storm of cleaning -- my good friends and my mom are going to be in my home over the next few weeks. While neither would give my housekeeping skills the white glove treatment, I decided earlier this week I have lived too long being neat but not clean and took this as good reason to seriously scrub some stuff. I have wiped down baseboards, scrubbed bathroom walls, rearranged the junk in my kitchen cabinets, and dusted every surface visible. Things are gleaming, at least until the cat throws up on the rug at about 6:59 tomorrow evening.

DC tomorrow night is a restaurant theme -- everyone was to pick a drink, app, or dessert from a favorite restaurant, while my contribution is gnocchi inspired by this amazing place(from what I hear, our menu will consist of beer and cheese soup, ceviche, an Asian salad of some sort, gnocchi and a molten chocolate raspberry cake -- how very rainbow coalition). But I had a perfect storm of social junk and busy work life -- I left work tonight with a friend to hit a happy hour that turned into happy night including dinner in a fun private-y area of a restaurant with some other friends. I have to work tomorrow. Bottom line -- I am half in the bag at 10:30 and still need to make gnocchi.

Lastly, while this week has been a weird enough week for big stuff, this morning I read on my good childhood friend's blog that she is, after getting divorced and moving to L.A. about a year ago, pregnant. A jaw dropper.

OSU's season is on the line tomorrow night. Don't tell me what happens until I can watch the tape of the game after all of the wine is gone tomorrow night. Sunday, I'm sleeping. Long and frequently.

Have a great weekend!

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