Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I woke up at 6:30 Sunday because my cat was being noisy. While this happens most days, her noise is usually chatter. What I heard in my dreams that led me to actually wake up was the sound of scratching and the little grunting noise she makes when she's trying to get under the covers but I'm cocooned.

When I looked around to try to let her under the blankets, I didn't see her on the bed. I put my head down and tried to go back to sleep when the scratching/grunting resumed. Concerned that she was having some sort of kitty ailment, I got out of bed and looked around for her. She wasn't in the bathroom trying to tunnel back to her native Thailand through her litter box -- she was by the bottom dresser drawer. She was cold and wanted to get into the drawer, where she finds things quite cozy, and had systematically started pulling out the things that live in that draw to make herself some room. She was sitting in a pile of swimsuits and my socks.

Monday morning I went out to my car to find the interior a mess -- I was part of a crime spree in the neighborhood and had been broken into. The good news is I must have somehow left the car unlocked (!) as there was no broken glass. The better news was that I didn't have anything of much value in the car. Here's what they got:
  • a cell phone charger
  • about four bucks in quarters
  • a broken iPod cable

Here's what they left behind:

  • my work ID tag and keys
  • the owner's manual
  • a handful of CDs
  • 2 camping chairs
  • a pediatric achievement test I've been driving around for months
  • 2 parking tickets
  • my lucky roll of packing tape from the UPS store, even though they found it in my secret hiding place (maybe they read my blog :)

I lost nothing of value and got off easy compared to the 2 other cars that had windows broken out, but I hate the thought of somebody rifling through my stuff.

And finally, on the way home today, I was happily puttering along in my own lane through a construction zone with those temporary barrier things on the left shoulder when the semi that had been beside me got confused over the lane he was supposed to be in (in fairness, there are old lines and new lines from a lane shift and in a sun glare it's a little hard to tell what's what) and came on over in to mine. Fortunately, the person on my left saw what was happening and slowed down quickly enough to give me room to come into the left lane vs. into the side of the semi.

I'm going to take an Unsatisfactory in Sharing this week. I've had enough, world. Stay out of my stuff.

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