Monday, October 27, 2008


I was sitting in traffic that only a rainy fall evening can create tonight, staring at the other tail lights creeping their way over the drawbridge that makes up the Beltway/95 to the south, when I heard audio on the radio from a few days ago of Joe McCain, John's brother, making a 911 call from essentially the same place that I was sitting.

He called 911 to see if they knew why traffic on the damn bridge wasn't moving on one side but was on the other. When the dispatcher said, incredulously but politely, "You called 911 to complain about the traffic?", Mr. McCain said "F%*k you" and hung up.

He then called back to complain about the fact that he'd been "read the riot act" by the previous dispatcher. The current one said, "You called 911 to complain about the traffic?". Tee hee.

I've been in some hellacious traffic jams and some hellacious hurries, but I wouldn't call any of those things an emergency. Joe the Driver would.

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