Friday, October 31, 2008

City People Don't Know Farm Animals, or Manners

Halloween is one of my favorite days to go to work. It's always fun to hear what people with (and even more so, without) brain injuries have to say about costumes.

I opted out this year, but here were some highlights:

K. is 7 months pregnant -- she put 3 dots on her belly to make it a bowling ball (her husband's idea). Very cute, right? She looked adorable. She was told by a nurse that her baby was going to be cursed because of her pagan-ism, and the attending physician asked if the dots represented the egg cells separating then when told it was a bowling ball stuck his fingers and thumb on her at every opportunity. Yuck.

A. wore a cow costume -- she does it every year. It's a head-to-toe white with black spots, udders, headband with horns and ears extravaganza. The patient guesses at what she was included a fairy and a rabbit. The best was our favorite housekeeper,E, who has an obsession with women's toes and carries obscene amounts of cash on him that he's happy to show anyone, had this conversation with A.:

E: What are you?
A: E, I've worn this costume for 8 years. You seriously don't know?
E: You're a leopard.
A: E, I have udders.
E: Oh, a pig then.

A few years ago, just after the Red Sox won the World Series, J. dressed up like the Curse of the Bambino, only broken. He had on baseball stuff but wrapped his head in gauze, blacked his eye, and had his arm in a sling. It was extremely clever. While sitting at lunch with a table full of NRH staff, some in costume, some not, the Junior League ladies were delivering small pumpkins to the patients and brought one over for J. and wished him a speedy recovery.

At least I can say that no two days are ever the same. Happy Halloween!

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