Friday, November 6, 2009


I am, as my freshman roommate would say, fussy.

So, these are things that are making me laugh - I offer them in a selfish attempt to shake my mood.

1. The Office episode with Prison Mike and Andy singing Rainbow Connection to Pam with Pig Latin sprinkled in.

2. This, and the fact that my sister and I have chatted about it via Facebook with an aside comment from one of long lost SLP friends...

3. The Sookie Stackhouse books from Charlaine Harris - Sookie is being courted by a werewolf, tiger shape shifter, and no fewer than 2 vampires. Good times.

4. The fact that the Tuesday night trivia team had 2 new members who are ridiculously smart and we still ended up as 1st place losers and proud owners of 30 free chicken wings next week. I guess just because you can save the world from terror threats while explaining quarks doesn't mean you know that "hoi paloi" is a Greek phrase.

5. Some Girl Scout troops sell their cookies in November but the housekeepers at work ate mine. Better them than me, in the long run.

6. I spent a day earlier in the week being told by more than one patient that I am not only a horrible therapist but a horrible person only to have a lovely session with someone later in the week in which a patient, in the midst of working on a math problem, told me she liked my nail color and was it the same as what's on my toes (she has some attentional issues)then was told by another patient at the close of an hour-long session "You're a very good person", then followed up with "Who are you again?".

I feel a little better. Thanks for indulging me.

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