Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

From my years of watching Law and Order, I've learned that lawyers shouldn't ask witnesses questions they don't already know the answers to in a courtroom. Therapy rooms may hold the same rule.

In working with someone who easily names an item when he can see it but can't think of the words nearly as quickly when there is nothing to look at, I had asked him to write out examples of 3 things in a given category, like NFL quaterbacks, fruits that are red, and movies you like.

The quarterbacks were the easiest, the fruits took some nudging. He started the movie category with "westerns", which while not what I was expecting still fit the category and was a perfectly good answer. And he spelled it right, which had been a struggle on the other words. The second type of movie he wrote was "love", and he made a joke about it being easier to like them than to argue it with the Mrs.

He thought for awhile on the third example before he started - a - d (pause). Ah, adventure, I think. Swashbuckling pirate movies. Ben Hur. Awesome. u - r (pause). No problem, just spelling it wrong.


He looked up and smiled at me. Oh no.

"I think you spelled that wrong, change the 'r'."


That's what I get for asking.

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